Corporate level 'cloud usage control'

If you're a CIO, "shadow IT" is probably on your list of problems to solve. Total freedom of choice for every team doesn't sound like a good idea, does it ? But total control and lack of flexibility either !

We provide tools to help companies implement a balanced approach where they let some (or total) freedom while keeping full visibility over what's going on.

If you are a Dev/R&D manager, you should probably click here

Cloud asset inventory - A realtime map of all your cloud assets

By combining the auto-discovery of cloud assets by our tool and the ability we give you to categorize them, our 'cloud asset inventory' solution lets you easily build a meaningfull map of cloud resources allocated in your enterprise.

Consolidate assets from several entities inside your entreprise. And classify assets into meaningful categories. Our experience with several large scale users show that it is one of the best way to distinguish normal usage from useless/rogue cloud resources.

Quickly identified non-categorized assets; they are probably probably linked with temporary or rogue usage and, in both case, they shouldn't last long.

Segmented analytics - Add more meaning to your analytics

Illustration Teevity You can use the 'assets classification' defined in the cloud asset inventory view to give more meaning to your cost and usage analytics.

Isn't better to know that 'HR/Prod' spends that much rather than 'account xyz' !

Embrace Shadow IT instead of fighting it

You can read our take on the subject this article on our blog.