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Cloud usage analytics made simple.

Get a deep understanding of how you spend on the Cloud !

Whether you want to decypher your bill,
quickly reduce your Cloud Spending,
or embrace Cost Driven Design.

Looking for Netflix/Ice as-a-Service by Teevity ?
Teevity/Ice vs Teevity/Cloud costs analytics
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Our 'cloud costs management' pain-killers

  • Cloud cost tracking

    Continuous cost monitoring and improvement

    All your Cloud bills under one Dashboard with a smart end-of-month forecast. Start the continuous cost improvement loop.   Learn more

  • Cloud costs management and automation

    Cloud costs management automation

    Don't waste time on manual repetitive tasks. Leverage our tools and API to make the cloud cost data we collect work for you !  Learn more

  • Cloud costs efficiency

    Continuously monitor now and optimize later !

    Cost is probably not your main driver for moving to the Cloud. That doesn't prevent you from collecting cost data now, to be able to make informed decisions later.   Learn more

All your clouds

Data from cloud costs and cloud usage is not easy to access, especialy when you use multiple providers.

Teevity enables you to easily communicate this data, in real time, with just what's needed for each role. Finance and Ops will both be happy !

Plug-in to our API, and make this cost and usage data work for you.

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