Cloud costs efficiency

Detection of unused-capacity Pure-margin back to your wallet !

Nothing is more "stealth" than a cloud instance forgotten in the middle of your Cloud account. But it's there, burning your budget for no purpose.
We help you detect them so you can shut them down.

And we do more than just look at the CPU/network/disk usage, because things are more complex in real-life. That 'forgotten server' running CRON tasks like crazy doesn't look that forgotten we you look at the OS stats.

Our solution lets you define custom rules for "forgotten resources identification" and for the associated shutdown workflow.

Optimize the size of your cloud deployments No extra-fat, no shortage

Sometimes your resources are not unused, they are just over-sized. We help you detect these situations and provide recommendations so that you adjust the sizing and start saving.

Follow our custom-tailored 'buying strategies' recommendations

Cloud service providers pricing gris are complex, and that's an understatement !

They are even more when you consider the various 'buying strategies' some of these providers offer. But as complex as they are, you'd better use them because they can save you a lot of money.

Start buying smart and save a lot !